Margaret Kaine’s latest novel

London, 1926. Life has not turned out as Deborah had expected. But while occasionally haunted by how the Great War snatched away the love of her life, she quietly and determinedly works away at the staff agency she set up as Miss Deborah Claremont, leaving her alter ego of Lady Deborah at the door.

Amid an undercurrent of social unrest and with the General Strike looming ahead, Deborah meets two very different men: Theodore Field MP and Evan Morgan, a Union speaker.

What lies ahead for her and how much will the past she has carefully put aside direct her path forward?

Margaret Kaine’s Potteries Sagas

Edwardian Romantic Suspense from Margaret Kaine

A new edition of Song for a Butterfly

‘Margaret has the ability to keep the reader intrigued right to the last pages.
She is an inspirational writer who researches her subject thoroughly and
does not rely on inconsequential details to fill the pages’